R.I.P. T2i/550D

After a year of service, the Canon T2i had to be retired. It wasn’t at fault or anything, it was entirely user error – accidental user error of course. It served valiantly along side me on numerous trips and excursions and it will be missed.

The warranty I had purchased had accidental coverage, so I was eligible for an upgrade. Introduced to my line of camera gear, the Canon 600D or known in the US as the T3i. Initial thoughts? It feels a bit more frail or feels more like plastic than the solid T2i. Lots of features on the software side for beginners (Auto-features) but on the surface, it looks like Canon cut back on cost – the markings are painted on instead of beveled etc etc. While my hands feel a bit disappointed on the unit structure and build, my mind is content and especially because of a new feature that was added to the Rebel series.


WIRELESS FLASH! And here I was, trying to snag a third flash unit and using my 580EX II or some PocketWizards to trigger it. NOPE! I no longer have to – my new T3i can control all my flash units wirelessly. Here comes the next stage in my photography skillset. Instead of capturing photos, I can now make and sculpt my own.

Well, here goes!

Canon T3i Initial Shots

Creative Display